Shrub Trimming

The benefits of Shrub and Hedge Trimming

If you are a homeowner, Cardinal Lawn Pros understands your need to keep the overall aesthetic of your home looking top-notch; this includes trimming hedges and shrubs. Having poorly maintained hedges or shrubs can really take away from your home’s appeal. Your landscape and property will be much safer with well-trimmed and pruned hedges and shrubs. When the weather gets rough outside, and heavy rainfall or crazy winds occur, your property can be in danger. If your hedges and shrubs have been properly trimmed or pruned, the chances of debris falling or branches flying onto your property or car decrease greatly. You can vastly decrease the risk of damage just by making sure the hedges and shrubs are trimmed.
Hedges and shrubs can act as great natural barriers to your landscape and property. In fact, a perfectly manicured hedge or shrub is the ultimate environmentally friendly natural barrier. They can serve as natural fences, which would make your landscape more sustainable. Depending on how tall the hedges are, they can increase the privacy on your property as well.

Prevention and Treatment of Disease

Trimming hedges and shrubs lowers the chances of insects on your property. Consistent pruning can remove any portions that have a disease, fungi, and other types of decay, stopping it from spreading to healthier branches. It also lowers the chance of disease growing on your property as well as exposing the others to more sunlight and air circulation, which helps to reduce the incidence of disease. Pruning your shrubs makes the roots stronger and encourages newer branches to grow. Another reason to keep pruning shrubs is that it will deter animals and pests from infesting or otherwise destroying the plant.
Trimming or pruning must be performed with the right tools and with the appropriate technique. Each hedge, bush, or tree may demand a specific pruning approach. In addition, there is also a correct time to prune, from the time of day to the month of the year. Trimming without proper knowledge can cause damage to the plant and sabotage your landscape design.

When Should You Trim Hedges and Shrubs?

The best time of year to trim your hedges and shrubs is in the spring and fall. However, the precise time within those seasons to trim is completely dependent on your individual situation. If your yard is completely overgrown and unhealthy, it doesn’t matter the time of year – the fastest path to recovery is to start now. For your flowering plants, you will want to trim them after they are fully flowered. For non-flowing plants, you will want to trim them between late winter and your spring cleanup. Trimming in winter or early spring helps stimulates growth and ensures the next growth is more lush and vibrant. Removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches is a good practice for any time of the year. Overall, the best time to prune or trim shrubs depends on which species of shrub you have.

Should I Hire Professionals to Trim My Hedges and Shrubs?

Absolutely! When you hire a professional they have the knowledge and experience to identify dead, diseased, or damaged branches, and make the proper cuts accordingly. Their cuts are also more likely to maintain the shrub’s health and best promote new growth or pollination.

So What’s the Best Company to Hire For Hedge and Shrub Trimming?

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